What are Love Shareholders?
Long-term small contributions to Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation will make you our love shareholder! In the coming days, we will invite you to sponsor us, becoming our love shareholder. As long as you donate $300 per month for more than one year continuously, you can support Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, becoming the hope of these disabled angels.

How to Become a Love Shareholder?

Donate by Postal Remittance
Account      11825916
Account Name  財團法人心路社會福利基金會
Donate by Credit Card
Billing Date  
20th of every month(Postponed upon holiday)
A kind reminder In response to the credit card pre-processes, if donations are returned before the 15th of the month, then the chargeback will be done in the beginning of this month; if it is returned after the 15th of the month, then the charge will start next month.
Accepted Card VISA、MASTER、JCB、Amex、National Credit Card. Please fill out the "Credit Card Donation Form" and fax it to 02-25928514 or mail it to us. If the amount of donation, debit of credit card, credit card changed for validity, or receipt title, etc. are to be changed later, please fill out the "Change of Credit Card Information Notice" and fax or mail it to us and call us for confirmation of receipt.
Auto-Pay Donation
Billing Date  15th of every month(Postponed upon holiday)

Transfer Mode

a. Media Exchange (ACH) Debit Donations
All financial units other than the Chunghwa Post are applicable.
b. Post Office Auto-Pay Donations
Suitable for Chunghwa Postal Saving and Remittance Bureau

Please fill out the "Regular Donations Form of ACH Debit Payment Authorization" or "Post Office Transfer Payment Authorization Form," and a triplicate receipt (Please photocopy or call to request) and be sure to stamp the account chop (all triplets must be stamped), and after filling the details, please mail (not by fax) the original copy to us. If the amount of donation or bankers are to be changed in the future, please re-fill authorization.
If the regular fixed donation are to be terminated, please fill out the "Stop Donations Notice Form" or call the Department of Financial Management to consult.