My Life, My Decision
People with intellectual disability are often referred to as "children" even after they grown up, but in Syinlu, we always call them "youth". We know that they long to lead the life of a normal person, having the opportunity to realize their dreams and fulfill themselves.

Dreams of an adult from Syin-Lu

The needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disability
After finishing school, people with intellectual and developmental disability are often left wondering about their future, which also worries their parents. It is not easy to find a job but if they stay at home, the skills they learned at school will gradually be forgotten and they are at the risk of being alienated from the society. And this could also be quite a spiritual and financial burden for their parents. Therefore, only by providing them the education and support they need from all facets of their lives, such as working, learning, relationships, recreation, living, health, benefits, etc, can they live a dignified and independent life like a normal adult.

Service Target
People with intellectual disability of fifteen years old or above.

Service Planning for adults from Syin-Lu