Give the Best to Children with Disabilities
With sunlight and love, flowers in wilderness blossom beautifully. With professional cure and care-taking, kids in hardship can also have a bright future.
What is "early intervention"?
Early intervention applies to children from zero to six years old who are discovered to be developmentally delayed. It is multifaceted and its purpose is to develop fully the possibilities of these children and allow them to be able to lead a normal life as ordinary kids their age. Early intervention is essential since zero to six years old is a crucial period for human development. If kids with developmental delay can have the proper medication, treatment, and rehabilitation within that period, the effects can be a dozen times better than kids having the treatment after six.

Service Content

Early intervention leads to early improvement. With early intervention, there is always hope.
"Professional integration," "normalization model" are the two main concept of Syin-Lu’s child service. Under this concept, rehabilitation, early childhood education, special education, social work, family work together, integrating the individual treatment of each child of developmental difficulty with the child’s real life experience, and design curriculum and activities that satisfy their individual needs, so that children can learn and grow naturally, leading a colorful life.

Service Target
Children of developmental delay and disabilities above the age of 0.