Work,the Thing I am Most Proud of
Syin-Lu integrated a variety of employment services and professional resources for disabled people, providing a seamless single-window system and employment service model, allowing more people with physically and intellectually disabilities to enter the job market and enjoy a life of dignity.
Simple Things We Do Seriously
Youths from Syin-Lu shout “welcome” thousands of times without weary; they give you a timid smile after washing your car, grateful for your acceptance of his service. A pure heart, patience, and endurance add up to 100% service passion. People with disabilities need only proper training and support to have excellent performance.

Service Target
People with disabilities between ages of 15 and 64 that have employment aspirations.

Vocational Rehabilitation Service Institution
- Syin-Lu Vocational Rehabilitation Service Center
No.5, 2F-5, Wan-He Street, 116 Wen-Shan District, Taipei City 02-22306503
- New Taipei City of Vocational Rehabilitation Services for People with Disabilities
3F, No.219, Sec.3, Chung-Hsing Rd. 231 Xindian District, New Taipei City 02-89145572
- Syin-Lu Vocational Rehabilitation Service Center in Kaohsiung
No.372, 5F, Bo-Ai Rd. 807 San Min District, Kaohsiung City 07-3219911

Service Content

1. Pre- Preparation Service

Including job learning, employment trends seminars, working exploration and work trial, workplace visits and trainings, vocational training...etc.
2. Vocational Assessment Services
A tool assessment, situational assessment, hands on on-site full-depth assessment to assist people with disabilities to find a suitable job.
3. Community-Based Employment Services
Actively develop employment opportunities and directly support people with disabilities by supporting general employment, supported employment and other modes of employment.
4. Stable Employment Orientation Counseling
Include visits to the workplace, growth groups, employment transition, and assistance in arranging leisure and other services, improving employment stability for people with disabilities.
5. Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Services
Provide people with disabilities an integrated window containing a variety of services including employment counseling, open case assessment, development of vocational rehabilitation services program to provide employment services, and career counseling.